Stop Paying Commission For Your Food Orders!

Start getting online orders from your own Food Order & Delivery System!

Benefits Of A Food Order & Delivery System?

You can list hundreds of reasons such as gaining more customers, increasing the value of your restaurant, informing your customers about the campaigns, providing customer loyalty, increasing their productivity, separating from your competitors and becoming a brand.


No Commission Fee

You can get rid of paying commissions for food order services forever, or you can at least reduce your commission payments for a certain part of your orders.

Increase Your Sales

With Campaigns and Discounts you should always keep in mind that you will be able to maintain continuity with your satisfaction, and that you can grow your customer relation.

Quik Order

You can get your customers to order food with just a few taps and make sure they have the right time to evaluate what is the most valuable thing for customers.

Your Own Food Order & Delivery App on Google Play and App Store


Put your app in front of millions of potential customers and get noticed with your app on the App Store and Google Play! You do not have to be an application specialist – we manage the entire process for you.

Core Features

Menu & Order

It provides customers to see the complete menu and order it easily.

Coupons & Discounts

Reward your customers with promotions, coupons and discounts for online orders.

Push Notifications

Access your mobile application users with unlimited push notification.


Your customers will be able to make instant reservations through the application via the Table Booking module.

Loyalty Card

You will earn loyal customers by rewarding your customers through the application.

Call to Order

Your customers can reach you by clicking your phone number in the application and they can place an order.

Extra Modules

Online Payment Gateways

We offer security for online payment and options to use multiple creditcards

Delivery by Post/Zipcode

Ordering from a far area to the restaurant will cost you extra. This module will provide you with dynamic pricing on your system that you send to this region.

Automatic Printing Order Receipt

You do not have to check your incoming orders! This module will ensure that your orders arrive in front of the printer directly from the printer in the kitchen.

Coupons, Discount & Loyalty Card

Reward your customers with promotions, coupons and discounts for online orders.


This is a module that allows your customers to place their order at any time. Even if your restaurant is closed, your preorders will start to arrive.


How will your Food Order & Delivery App look like?

If you’re wondering how your App will look on the App Store and Google Play, you can try it out by clicking on the links on the side and downloading the Food Order & Delivery App to your phone.

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